Hydrogen PRO 125mm

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  • Kod: 2371
  • Dostępność: na zamówienie (7-14 dni roboczych) na zamówienie (7-14 dni roboczych)  (1 szt.)
  • 999,99 zł / szt.



Hydrogen Pro 125mm wheel has been enginereed to be the ultimate marathon wheel. It features a 12 spoken hub for better handling, vibration absorbion and roll for open road races.

Hydrogen pro are available in 2 hardnesses. Blue printing with harder outer PU XX-Firm (maxximum roll) and green printing with softer outer PU X-Firm (higher grip).

All models offer extremely high allround performances.

DIAMETER: 125 mm
STRUCTURE: Solid core with dual premium formula urethane
PURPOSE: Marathon & X-Fit skating